3step to finding the perfect wedding DJ/ MC

Want to find out "HOW" to find the perfect DJ? Read on...

1. Create your vision first

- research your style first

What kinds of styles are there?

  • The Traditional Reception (Upbeat, energetic)

Bar open and dance floor rocking for a party that lasts all night.

  • The Cocktail Reception (Low key, chill and relax)

Keeps things festive without the formality of a traditional reception. No sit down dinner, but may be set in a garden or museum.

  • The Dessert Reception (Casual, come as you are, be yourself)

Speeches, dancing & mingling later in the evening. Timing and transitions are not structured.

  • The Dinner Wedding Reception (Formal, scripted and proper.)

Personalized and structured. Family style event that caters to the guests, family and couple. Has an open bar and keeps the party going on all night.

* With the right help you can have a little bit of all 4 as well*

Finding the right DJ/MC is essential to having a great wedding reception. Hire the wrong one and it can ruin your whole day. Such an important decision should be made carefully..

2. Searching for the right FIT

  • - the search can be fun

Find examples of what the DJ can do (videos, blogs, social media)

  • A great DJ should have a presence on social media and search engines. Look them up on Facebook, YouTube, Google and Instagram. Do their profiles and posts speak to you? 

  • Great DJ’s always have ideas and experiences to share in the form of a blog, videos online or frequent social media posts.

Check Reviews

  • An experienced Wedding DJ/MC will easily perform 10 - 15 weddings per year (minimum) and will have many reviews to show their customers satisfaction.

  • Good DJ’s have a presence on wedding websites like www.BeyondWeddings.ca or www.WeddingWire.ca
  • A great DJ can happily provide you with references from past clients who were in your shoes once and can understand your search.

Ask Your Venue

  • Venues will have experience that you may or may not have read about. They will have first hand experiences to reflect upon and give inside details on those who may be a gem or those who may be less than desirable. 

  • They will gush over the great DJ’s and they will be very tight lipped about the ones that are not so good. Check these “Possible questions to ask a venue about DJ”

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